[Dovecot] Anyone using dovecot obox?

list at airstreamcomm.net list at airstreamcomm.net
Sun Jan 13 08:46:58 EET 2013

Just looking for some input from other users of the obox (object 
storage) backend from dovecot.fi.

- What challenges/problem were you trying to overcome/solve by using obox?
- What kind of architecture did you deploy using obox? (e.g. distributed 
object storage for performance, or distributed for availability, 
geographic distribution of email services, etc.)
- What complexities, single points of failure, documentation omissions 
can you highlight having deployed the obox storage architecture?
- Did the obox backend support your email services as well as you 
expected or more?
- How was your interaction with Doveoct.fi?

Thanks in advance.

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