[Dovecot] Define custom ldap libraries when building Dovecot

Nikolaos Milas nmilas at noa.gr
Fri Jan 11 23:02:39 EET 2013


I would like to compile Dovecot using custom ldap libraries, located at 
a particular custom system location.

How should I alter the config process to specify that the include dir is 
"/usr/local/openldap/include" and the lib dir is 
"/usr/local/openldap/lib64" and not the standard ones (/usr/include/ and 
/usr/lib64/ respectively) on RHEL/CentOS 5 (x86_64). Note that all of 
the above files/folders exist on the file system at the same time.

The idea is to build dovecot against current openldap v2.4.x libraries 
and not against the available (by the OS) ancient openldap v.2.3.x libs.

Please, advise.


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