[Dovecot] FTS what to use ?

Erik Colson eco at ecocode.net
Fri Jan 11 11:01:58 EET 2013


I'm currently using dovecot 2.0 with squat fts which does a nice
job. However I'm thinking about upgrading to dovecot 2.1 and the wiki
isn't clear about which fts can or should be used with it.

Is squat support dead ? As the wiki mentions that the config syntax is
obsolete, I'm not sure if squat is obsolete also ? If not, what is the
new syntax ?

But in the case squat is dead.. what is the recommended alternative
nowadays ? I don't really need substring search, but it is a nice thing
to have.

PS : I will be using dovecot 2.1 with maildir


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