[Dovecot] warning regarding quota and mboxes

Andreas Meyer anmeyer at anup.de
Thu Jan 10 17:45:44 EET 2013


We drive mboxes and maildirs and the dovecot-server is running very well and
everthing is fine, but I get the following warning in the dovecot-lda-errors.log
when a mail is delivered to a mbox.

Jan 10 16:29:24 lda(archiv at bitcorner.de): Warning: quota: Namespace '' is not Maildir, skipping for Maildir++ quota

This is what I defined in the dovecot.conf:

mail_home = /var/spool/vhosts/%d/%n
mail_location = mbox:~/:maildir:~/
mail_plugins = quota

plugin {
    quota = maildir:User quota
    quota_rule = *:storage=500MB
    quota_rule2 = Trash:storage=+10%%

Can I avoid the error above somehow? Namespaces are a bit mysterious for
me at the moment.



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