[Dovecot] load sbub-mailbox

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Sat Jan 5 14:48:54 EET 2013


We're about to migrate to dovecot (2.1.7 on wheezy), and I have a 
question about mail migration.

Our 'old' imap mailserver will remain available, and has the same 
usernames/passwords as our future dovecot mailserver.

The question: Is there an easy way to make the old mailboxes available 
under a subfolder (for example 'oldmail') in the mailboxes on the new 

A bit like mounting an old homedirectory under an 'oldfiles' directory 
on a new fileserver.

This way our users could access/migrate whatever folders they choose 
themselves, and we would not have migrate all messages to dovecot using 
scripts like imapcopy, etc.

Perhaps using the proxy functionality..?

Hope I make myself clear...?

Mourik Jan

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