[Dovecot] dovecot as layer between postfix and thunderbird

martin svensson zylorx at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 5 02:26:45 EET 2013

Hello, im all new to this but feel i want to have a dedicated server to 
handle my mails from Gmail and Hotmail

Basically, i installed SMS, superb Mini Server (based on slackware), and 
with that default install i got: dovecot, postfix, fetchmail and sendmail.

The postfix part seems to work according to a "telnet localhost 25", now 
i want to procede with dovecot, as i understand it, its the middle layer 
between (in my case) postfix and thunderbird.

What i expect in the very end is a dedicated server who regulary checks 
and fetches mails, and lets me have all contacts info in the (already up 
and running) LDAP server.

When i start thunderbird, i want it to go grab those mails from my local 

I am, ofcourse all over manpages, HOWTOs, guides and google, but would 
certainly appriciate further help and points in the right direction

My apologises for any weird beginner mistakes in this post

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