[Dovecot] dsync timeout?

micah anderson micah at riseup.net
Thu Jan 31 01:46:02 EET 2013

Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> writes:

> On 31.1.2013, at 0.06, Micah Anderson <micah at riseup.net> wrote:
>> I'm using dsync for a regular backup. The backup system flocks so that
>> two cannot run at the same time, which is generally a good thing. The
>> problem is that it seems like dsync sometimes goes off into the weeds
>> and never comes back, leaving a process running and doing nothing
>> forever, hogging the lock and causing my backups never to run again. I
>> just finally figured out that was what was causing the backups not to
>> run on this system was this process:
>> root     17836  0.0  0.0  40888  1600 ?        S     2012   0:00 ssh -i /root/.ssh/backmaildir_id_rsa backmaildir at arg /usr/bin/dsync -u foobar server
>> yeah, that has been running since 2012 :(
> So that's the ssh process. What about the dsync process that started it? Does/did it exist?

Seems that only the above process was still around and no other dsync
processes. I have three machines that all have this happening it seems.

I wonder if there is a ssh configuration option I could set to make
these die off.

>> There doesn't seem to be a timeout in dsync, but perhaps there should
>> be? At this point my only option is to write a cronjob that will look
>> for dsync processes that are over a certain amount of time old and then
>> kill them, after I do that I will need to take a shower because that is
>> a very dirty solution :P
> There is a 15 minute timeout in dsync after which it stops itself. Normally the child process should also die.. v2.2 now will make sure that the child process dies: http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-2.2/rev/070ca24e5846

Interesting... I wonder why the child is not dying off properly, maybe
the wrong signal is sent?

looking forward to using 2.2!


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