[Dovecot] password schemes in dovecot

Pascal Volk user+dovecot at localhost.localdomain.org
Mon Jan 28 00:38:22 EET 2013

On 01/27/2013 11:21 PM Daniel Parthey wrote:
> Does the doveadm pw tool provide a way to check a plaintext password
> against a user's hash from the passdb? …

Check `doveadm pw -h` output. If it prints "[-t hash]", you can do
something like:

doveadm pw -t '{SHA256-CRYPT}$5$rounds=1000$0123456789abcdef$K/DksR0DT01hGc8g/kt9McEgrbFMKi9qrb1jehe7hn4'
Enter password to verify: 08/15!test~4711

{SHA256-CRYPT}$5$rounds=1000$0123456789abcdef$K/DksR0DT01hGc8g/kt9McEgrbFMKi9qrb1jehe7hn4 (verified)

The trapper recommends today: f007ba11.1302723 at localdomain.org

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