[Dovecot] speed up dovecot IMAP server

Bernics Gábor | Penta Unió Zrt. bernics.gabor at penta.hu
Wed Jan 23 16:39:38 EET 2013


No, sorry it's RC bug/problem. 

Open messages with TB immediately. 

I will tune up my RC installation. 

Thanks a lot 

Best regards, 


2013-01-23 12:01 időpontban Stan Hoeppner ezt írta: 

> On 1/23/2013 2:59 AM, Bernics Gábor | Penta Unió Zrt. wrote:
>> I use Roundcube and Thunderbird.
> Do both clients experience the 5-6 second delay?
>> Memory usage: 1.2 Gbyte of 6 Gbyte (Can I increase cache memory size for Dovecot?)
> No, but you should change to:
> mmap_disable=no
> and add:
> maildir_very_dirty_syncs=yes
> which should help a bit. You're already indexing with lmtp and using
> sieve, so your indexes 'should' be current.
> However, you said the delay is in opening individual messages, not
> siimply listing them, which doesn't involve the indexes, but the message
> files. If this happens with Tbird but not RC it may be a duplex
> mismatch or other network issue. If it happens with both then there's
> something else going on, maybe with Dovecot, maybe with Linux, maybe
> with the disk or disk controller.
> Do you have any errors in your Dovecot log files? How about disk
> related errors in dmesg? Tbird activity manager?
> You're not giving us enough information upon which to troubleshoot.


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