[Dovecot] %d in configuration file does not work

Thomas Leuxner tlx at leuxner.net
Sat Jan 19 19:34:23 EET 2013

* Jens Tobiska <jtobiska at gmail.com> 2013.01.19 18:04:

> passdb passwd-file {
>    args = /etc/auth/%d/shadow
> }

This looks like a pre-2.x Version, best to share that detail.
> Looking at the logs, %d is empty while %n works, so dovecot is looking for
> something in  /var/mail/vhosts//myname and /etc/auth//shadow which don't
> exist. Replacing %d in dovecot.conf with the actual domain name works.
> So, the quesiton is, why is %d empty, and from where does it take its value?

Hard to tell without seeing the actual logs. My guess is the login is not in user at domain format:


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