[Dovecot] Benchmarking: Dovecot vs Courier. Courier wins as POP3 server

Frank Elsner frank at moltke28.B.Shuttle.DE
Thu Jan 17 09:30:05 EET 2013

On Wed, 16 Jan 2013 23:47:33 +0000 Alexandr Sabitov wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have compared Dovecot performance to Courier and it appears that as a POP3 server Dovecot is slower in 2 times but as an IMAP server it is faster in 1.5 times. The same node (16CPUs), testing time is 30 min, please see results and dovecot configs attached.
> Benchmark software is MStone used by Sendmail Inc so is is quite reliable.
> I do not see anything else to tweak in Dovecot to increase POP3 performance. Can we all have some tips to improve it please ?

The Middle Age has called, it wants POP3 back.

--Frank Elsner

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