[Dovecot] Dovecot SASL Client support?

Patrick Ben Koetter p at sys4.de
Tue Jan 8 23:04:21 EET 2013

* Ed W <lists at wildgooses.com>:
> Hi
> >At the moment Dovecot does not implement an SMTP/LMTP client. This might
> >change, when Timo decides to implement all of the LEMONADE feature, which at
> >some point require the IMAP server to edit and send messages on behalf of a
> >(mobile) client. Timo will shed more light on his plans.
> Are you thinking about burl smtp?

Yes, I am.

> Someone from Apple implemented this for postfix some years back, but
> it doesn't seem to have made it into mainline (I think through
> oversight and Apple not pushing a second time though...)

IIRC Wietse didn't want to implement it (at that time).

> It will need client support, but my design would be something like
> an IMAP extension which works something like "SMTP *this* specific
> message using these login details and these sender/recipient
> details".

Many mobile provides would support it, because it would help them to solve
bandwidth and battery problems. They do all kinds of tricks to save energy
e.g. send silent (hidden) SMS to notify of incoming mail instead of IDLEing,
because IDLE costs much more battery power.

> That way the mail client can completely generate the mail using any
> IMAP tricks at it's disposal to minimise traffic, once the mail is
> generated and in some location, eg Sent, Drafts or INBOX as per your
> preference, then finally instructing the server to push it into the
> normal SMTP system (for bonus marks it could forward the clients IP
> using X-FORWARDED-FOR so that the SMTP can make decisions based on
> IP address).  This design gives you all the benefits of keeping the
> SMTP system, minimises traffic, allows for storing Sent Items or not
> as per your preference and avoids the use of magic folders.  Now all
> we need is client support...

I know.

> Note there is a feature of Courier which does something similar, but
> it uses magic folders (ideally we want to be able to smtp any
> message in any folder in order that we can easily implement our
> preferred storage policies)
>     http://www.courier-mta.org/imap/INSTALL.html#imapsend

Yep. But that doesn't save bandwith etc. Anyway, we are moving OT. I'm out.

p at rick

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