[Dovecot] Access to deleted mails in mdbox storage

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Jan 8 11:37:42 EET 2013


On 8.1.2013, at 11.24, Wolfgang.Friebel at desy.de wrote:

> we are currently running dovecot 2.1.10 using mdbox storage. Sometimes we get requests from users to restore accidentally deleted mails. If the mails got deleted before a backup was made, such mails could of course not be restored from backup. One option to help users in this respect would be to use the lazy expunge plugin.

Yes, lazy_expunge is the best way to do this. When expunging a mail with mdbox it does a quick copy operation to lazy_expunge namespace, so it's only a quick index update.

> On the other hand I have seen, that the deleted mails stay intact in the mdbox storage until a doveadm purge has been performed. Therefore without using the plugin it is in principle possible to get access to any deleted mails. As in our case the expunge runs once a week while the backup is done daily we can basically recover all mails ever received.
> My question: doveadm has currently no command similar to doveadm search or fetch to get to deleted mails. Would it be useful to have such a command?
> As a proof of concept I wrote a little script to mimic the doveadm fetch as closely as possible given the limited amount of information in the mdbox/storage/m.* files and could indeed get access to deleted mails. Do you regard such a procedure (within doveadm) useful or would you recommend nevertheless using the lazy expunge plugin?
> I am aware of the fact that this is a solution for mdbox storage only.

One way that you could already do this would be to copy the mdbox elsewhere, delete index files and let Dovecot rebuild all the indexes. Then it adds back all the deleted mails as well. But of course you can't easily tell which ones are the deleted mails and which ones aren't.

Maybe one way to implement this that wouldn't be horribly ugly would be to have some kind of an in-memory "deleted mails" mailbox, which contains all mails that have refcount=0. It could be named e.g. "//deleted", which wouldn't be a valid normal mailbox name (assuming separator=/). Probably shouldn't be accessible via IMAP. Anyway, it probably would be more than a little bit of work..

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