[Dovecot] Problem setting up dovecot on Debian: "telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused"

Joseph Tam jtam.home at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 01:43:23 EET 2013

Noel Butler writes:

> I build from sources all key daemon software anyway, package maintainers
> can only account for so many configurations. Its not so critical with
> dovecot now since v2, because, regrettably, Timo removed a lot of fine
> tune config options that allowed us to only build in what we wanted,
> now, tuff, most the auth methods and stuff must be built even if we dont
> want them.

That hasn't been my experience, but maybe because the non-optional stuff
are what I need.  For example, my configure for v2.1.x summarizes

 	Install prefix . : /opt/dovecot
 	File offsets ... : 64bit
 	I/O polling .... : poll
 	I/O notifys .... : none
 	SSL ............ : yes (OpenSSL)
 	GSSAPI ......... : no
 	passdbs ........ : static passwd passwd-file checkpassword
 			 : -shadow -pam -bsdauth -sia -ldap -sql -vpopmail
 	userdbs ........ : static prefetch passwd passwd-file checkpassword
 			 : -ldap -sql -vpopmail -nss
 	SQL drivers .... :
 			 : -pgsql -mysql -sqlite
 	Full text search : squat
 			 : -lucene -solr

A few auth methods, which even if you don't use, is a nice fallback for
exceptions or niche caches, no dbs, one mandatory text search method.

Joseph Tam <jtam.home at gmail.com>

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