[Dovecot] Problem setting up dovecot on Debian: "telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused"

Benny Pedersen me at junc.eu
Mon Jan 7 11:21:38 EET 2013

Noel Butler skrev den 2013-01-07 03:18:

> Nope, all severs are slackware (and I dont have any problem which was 
> my
> point in earlier thread, no reason why 1.2.17 can't still be suitable
> for years to come) used to have some gentoo as well, but phased them 
> out
> to keep everything uniform, and desktops are almost now all opensuse,
> and once ubuntu stop supporting 10.04 those couple will be converted 
> to
> opensuse as well (and thats only "then" because I'm too lazy to do it
> "now" LOL)


i just prefer opensource that is not precompiled as server platform, 
mostly what is precompiled needs to be recompiled to support what i need 
anyway, thats why i use gentoo/funtoo/freebsd :=)

and yes i found that opensuse is more nice one to keep as desktop os 

> I build from sources all key daemon software anyway, package 
> maintainers
> can only account for so many configurations. Its not so critical with
> dovecot now since v2, because, regrettably, Timo removed a lot of 
> fine
> tune config options that allowed us to only build in what we wanted,
> now, tuff, most the auth methods and stuff must be built even if we 
> dont
> want them.

shit happens, he does not like opensource then ?, what was a major show 
stopper for me was the splited config that needs whole new layout to 
keep the old 1.x style config to work in 2.x, and gentoo infra just 
ignored my call for help geting it back as long Timo keeps wiki for 1.x

hope it makes sense to other why

> But if we absolutely must need a new feature that is in 2.1.x and we 
> can
> no longer live without it, then and only then will I consider moving 
> to
> it, otherwise, I'm happy to sit on 1.2 until I consider 2.1 mature 
> and
> stable enough.

same here, but i try to see how 2.x works here if i get succed with it 
i properly change to dovecot 2.1 when i build a new server, but change 
the stable one, no thanks

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