[Dovecot] dovecot and avahi

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Jan 3 22:18:45 EET 2013

Am 03.01.2013 20:53, schrieb L. A. Walsh:
> Saw this gem and had to comment on it...
> Reindl Harald wrote:
>> who cares what the users like?
>> in business usually the admin setup the computers
> The 'admin'?  Admin of what?  IT department?  Why would a company have an
> IT department if it doesn't care about users?

in WHICH company the users itself do setup their mail-accounts?
the job of the IT department is setup and confifure the machines
suaully a user must not config anything at all

> You seem to forget that the purpose of IT is to support the users and make 
> their life easy so they can get their  job done without having to be an expert 
> in your field.  If they are an expert in your field, you are not needed.

if they users setup their mail-clients and software
by theirself you are really not needed

so rcap like avahi is not for the users in a comapany
it is for the sake of the lazy admin

> The only point of GUI's and UI's, is to benefit users.  If you don't care what
> they want, then how can you benefit them?

i benefit them by setup their machines at all
this includes amil accounts

> You might consider, that among users at a company are usually people with titles
> like 'CEO', president, payroll, hiring-manager... etc...
> How would one keep a job if they don't care what their boss wants?

what has this to do with the fact that nobody needs avahi?

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