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Robert Schetterer rs at sys4.de
Tue Jan 1 22:01:15 EET 2013

Am 01.01.2013 20:08, schrieb Patrick Ben Koetter:
> * Robert Moskowitz <dovecot at dovecot.org>:
>> On 01/01/2013 01:39 PM, Patrick Ben Koetter wrote:
>>> * Tom Hendrikx <dovecot at dovecot.org>:
>>>> On 01-01-13 18:01, Ben Morrow wrote:
>>>>> At  5PM +0100 on  1/01/13 you (Tom Hendrikx) wrote:
>>>>>> If you want to advertise your mail config for easy setup over the
>>>>>> internet, take a look at: http://www.automx.org/
>>>>> I thought most gooey mail clients supported RFC 6186 nowadays?
>>>>> Ben
>>>> As you can see from their docs, it supports a lot more than what you can
>>>> put in SRV DNS records AFAIK. I don't use either of the solutions
>>>> actively, and don't support any client setups so I don't really know
>>>> what is currently available in clients, and needed or superior on server
>>>> side.
>>> automx combines Mozillas autoconfig service and Microsofts autodiscover
>>> service in one tool. With automx you can provision SMTP/POP/IMAP and
>>> ActiveSync account settings (but not the services themselves).
>>> Microsoft Outlook 2007+, Thunderbird 3+, Microsoft Mobiles and other mobiles
>>> known to support ActiveSync can make use of the automx webservice.

typo not "activesync" they do autoconfig

Outlook 2013 can do in deed activesync , but this is off topic here

>>> Apple products do not support either MS' or MZ's provisioning services. AFAIK
>>> the only way to configure these clients is to store an XML file at a dedicated
>>> location in advance, use the Apple Configurator or go the real hard way and
>>> use Mobile Device Management (MDM) services.
>>> The aforementioned RFC 6186 has shortcommings compared to
>>> autodiscover/autoconfig-services: You can tell the service location (URI) and
>>> port, but you can't specify transport policies (plaintext, SSL, STARTTLS),
>>> authentication mechanisms etc. I would not want to use it in a business
>>> environment.
>> thank you very much for this analysis. SRV records were only
>> intented to find the services that would then set up the policies.
>> There is considerable pushback on using DNS for a general purpose
>> database.  I had to fight for my HIP DNS RRs for holding just Host
>> Identities.
>> I see that it can use SQL for some information handling.  Does it
>> work with the sql tables managed by postfixadmin?
> We - Christian and I - haven't tried, but I am sure it will, because you are
> free to define any SQL query you want in automx to get what you want from
> postfixadmin.
> You may also use Modoboa to manage the mailboxes. Antoine just ran a blog
> article on using automx with it:
> <http://modoboa.org/en/weblog/2012/12/16/make-users-life-easier-with-automx/>
> p at rick

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