[Dovecot] dovecot and avahi

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Tue Jan 1 18:23:06 EET 2013

On 01/01/2013 11:13 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 01.01.2013 17:07, schrieb Robert Moskowitz:
>> I am trying to figure out if I need avahi on my mail server.  I see that POP3 and IMAP are services that Avahi can
>> advertise/discover. Does Dovecot work with Avahi and how do you get POP3 and IMAP advertised?
>> And perhaps more importantly, what clients look for mail services this way?
> avahi does NOT get routed to internet
> since most clienst are not in the private network why would
> someone advertise mail-services via avahi?

For clients on your local net.

Why are the services POP3 and IMAP in the Avahi database?  try

ahavi-browse -b

Say a small business is running a local mail server, perhaps using 
fetchmail to get their gmail accounts and such.  And they have a bunch 
of MACs in the office.  How were mail clients discovering the local mail 
server?  Apple users like automagic stuff.

Note I have NOT used, and rarely agreed to support Apple systems since 
the Lisa.

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