[Dovecot] mail_max_userip_connections=10

Tom Clark tom at elysium.ltd.uk
Mon Sep 19 15:36:53 EEST 2011

Hi Paul,

It's coming from the same IP address through his ADSL. Hence he gets the
problem with max_userip_connections.

I think I tracked down the problem. He's been using K9 mail which seems to
have a problem where it doesn't release a connection and has 1 connection
per subscribed folder....



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On 09/19/11 04:27, Tom Clark wrote:
> Hi,
> A couple of questions rather than a problem for once!
> We've got our Dovecot server running smoothly now apart from our MD. 
> He's having problems with mail_max_userip_connections. He has 3
> (Phone/Laptop/Tablet) items that all connect to the server at about 
> the same time. Which means he's frequently running over the
> My questions are:
> Is there anyway of whitelisting an IP so that it can ignore 
> mail_max_userip_connections=10?
> What should we set mail_max_userip_connections too realistically? 10 
> seems a bit low?

Hi Tom,

   The setting mail_max_userip_connections is per IP.

from 20-imap.conf (version 2.0.13, the version we are running)

# Maximum number of IMAP connections allowed for a user from each IP
# NOTE: The username is compared case-sensitively.
#mail_max_userip_connections = 10

I am going to assume he has a different IP for each device, in this case
that would allow up to 30 connections.

You need to  post your 'doveconf -n' output!


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