[Dovecot] 2.1: problems compiling fts-lucene - CLucene git version necessary?

Lutz Preßler Lutz.Pressler at SerNet.DE
Sun Sep 18 14:27:54 EEST 2011

On So, 11 Sep 2011, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 11.9.2011, at 22.22, Lutz Preßler wrote:
> > I have problems recompiling the Debian squeeze auto build packages
> > with "--with-lecene". Is the git (2.3) version of CLucene necessary?
> Yes.
Ok, I now tried to test with clucene-core- Quite unsucessfully...
I built libclucene-core-static.a and libclucene-shared-static.a after
changing the cmake option (BUILD_STATIC_LIBRARIES). But despite enabling
BUILD_CONTRIBS, BUILD_CONTRIBS_LIB no snowball/libstemmer has been build.
(I am quite unfamiliar with the cmake process. Timo, maybe you can document
how you build clucene - if you do it youself.)
Anyway, I then changed the Debian auto package source to configure
--with-lucene (but not --with-stemmer), and added/changed include paths
and the static library to get lib21_fts_lucene_plugin.so (and
Adding "fts and fts_lucene" to mail_plugins and "fts = lucene" in plugin
section this loads fine.
But: trying to use it with SEARCH yields
dovecot: imap(...): Error: fts_lucene: default_language set, but Dovecot built without stemmer support
(and 3 times Error: fts: Failed to initialize backend 'lucene': Invalid fts_lucene setting)
In fts_lucene_plugin_init_settings (src/plugins/fts-lucene/fts-lucene-plugin.c)
default_language is initally set to 'english', and I don't find a way
to get it unset.
Adding to plugin section
  fts_lucene = default_language=
  fts_lucene = default_language=""
does not work. Bug?
I changed the source (set variable to NULL before interpreting the settings)
to fix this.

Now it's crashing though when trying a SEARCH. In
crc32_str_more (crc=0, str=0x0) at crc32.c:87
87              for (; *p != '\0'; p++)
(dovecot src/lib/crc32.c, not clucene). 
I'll send the full back trace seperately.


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