[Dovecot] Shared folder not listing

Tom Clark tom at elysium.ltd.uk
Thu Sep 15 16:40:34 EEST 2011

Hi Timo,


I've got a weird problem on our dovecot. We're trying to setup private
shared folder access. 


I have 2 users. tom at mailbox.com and system at mailbox.com. I have set the ACL's
on all the folders (and subfolders) on system at mailbox.com. However, I'm not
getting any of them listed when I check tom at mailbox.com
<mailto:tom at mailbox.com's> 's IMAP folders.


Our configuration is below (we're migrating from Courier hence the INBOX.):


In 10-mail.conf:


namespace {

  type = private

  prefix = INBOX.

  separator = .

  inbox = yes

  list = yes

  hidden = yes



namespace {

  type = shared

  separator = .

  prefix = INBOX.Shared.%%u

  location = maildir:%%h/Maildir:INDEX=~/Maildir/Shared/%%u

  subscriptions = no

  list = children



mail_plugins = acl

protocol imap {

  mail_plugins = $mail_plugins imap_acl



In 90-acl.conf:


plugin {

  #acl = vfile:/etc/dovecot/acls:cache_secs=300

  acl = vfile



# To let users LIST mailboxes shared by other users, Dovecot needs a

# shared mailbox dictionary. For example:

plugin {

  acl_shared_dict = file:/var/vpopmail/domains/%d/shared-mailboxes



Have I missed anthing!?!?


Thanks in advance!




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