[Dovecot] Problems with permissions on mail_location

Vlad vladsol at ukr.net
Mon Oct 31 14:10:27 EET 2011

Hi, All!
I have 2.0.beta6 (3156315704ef)
Trying to set up Dovecot with virtual users.


mail_location = maildir:/var/mail/%n
/var/mail owner is mail:mail, permissions is 777

From error log:

Oct 31 13:34:17 imap(test): Error: user test: Initialization failed:Initializing mail storage from mail_location setting failed: mkdir(/var/mail/test) failed: Permission denied (euid=8(mail) egid=12(mail) missing +w perm: /var/mail, euid is not dir owner)

but /var/mail owner is mail:mail (same the euid, egid).

In what may be the problem? (With full rights to the directory dovecot does not want to write it :-\ )
If I change /var/mail to /tmp/mail (for testing), then everything works fine, dovecot can write to this directory.
But if i create /test/mail, or /mail with chmod 777 and chown mail:mail - again the same error :-(

С уважением,
 Vlad                          mailto:vladsol at ukr.net

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