[Dovecot] Getting the SMTP envelope through IMAP?

Andrzej Adam Filip AnFi at onet.eu
Fri Oct 21 20:53:11 EEST 2011

Hadmut Danisch <hadmut at danisch.de> wrote:
> just a simple question about dovecot:
> The mbox file format contains the SMTP envelope sender and transmission
> date in a FROM ... line preceding the RFC822 mail header and body.
> As far as I see at the moment, the IMAP protocol does not support
> transmission of that SMTP envelope data in either way, but confusingly
> uses the term „envelope” for a structure describing the RFC822 mail header.
> My question is, whether there is any way to retrieve the SMTP envelope
> through dovecot's IMAP anyway, maybe through some extension.

Almost all MTA copy "(SMTP) envelope sender" to Return-Path: header
before delivery to the final mailbox.

If you do not get Return-Path: header in messages delivered to your
(dovecot) mailbox then name your MTA (exim/postfix/sendmail/.....).

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