[Dovecot] mail_location in LDAP and variables

Joseba Torre joseba.torre at ehu.es
Tue Oct 18 18:11:19 EEST 2011

On Martes 18 Octubre 2011 16:46:28 Timo Sirainen escribió:
> On Mon, 2011-10-17 at 12:12 +0200, Joseba Torre wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Is it posible to use variables in mail_location when taken from ldap?
> > How? I've tried
> > 
> > mdbox:/buzones2/'%n'/mdbox
> > mdbox:/buzones2/"%n"/mdbox
> > mdbox:/buzones2/%n/mdbox
> > 
> > but %n is never replaced by its value.
> Where exactly are you trying to use this? It should get expanded.

As usual, it was me trying to be a lot more complicated than needed :)

I was thinking about storing the mail_location in an standard way in ldap, so 
that everybody in LDAP has something like

irisMailbox= mdbox:/buzones/%256Hn/%n/mdbox

This doesn't work, but doesn't make much sense either. (It does if used in the 
generic mail_location, but not in a per user value)

Now when I create a new account I calculate the mail_location and store that 
value in LDAP. So far so good.
Joseba Torre. Vicegerencia de TICs, área de Explotación

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