[Dovecot] How to grant a kerberos ticket after successful imap authentication from dovecot

André Rodier andre.rodier at red2.co.uk
Thu Mar 31 17:32:53 EEST 2011

Thanks, Timo.

So, other questions:

    * Can I use a post login script to try to initialise the kerberos
      ticket ?
    * Can I write a dovecot plugin in C/C++ to do that, and in this case ?
    * If I use a plugin or a script, do I have access to the username /
      password ?
    * If I use a plugin, where can I found a skeleton ?

Kind regards,

André Rodier.

On 31/03/2011 10:50, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 31.3.2011, at 12.04, André Rodier wrote:
>> How should I configure libpam (or dovecot ?) to initialise/receive a kerberos ticket after successful authentication ?
> I doubt this is possible. At least not directly via PAM authentication, because in Dovecot the authentication is done by a separate authentication process. You could possibly use http://untroubled.org/mailfront/imapfront.html with Dovecot's imap binary.


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