[Dovecot] WiKi V2

Nick Rosier nick+dovecot at bunbun.be
Wed Mar 30 23:55:08 EEST 2011

Brian Hayden wrote:
> On Mar 30, 2011, at 3:35 PM, nick+dovecot at bunbun.be wrote:
>> Jim Knuth wrote:
>>> small question: Will the WiKi of the version 2 be updated shortly?
>>> Many things are not right at all. This would be really very nice. Many thanks in advance.
>> It's a Wiki... feel free to correct :-)
>> wiki: A collaborative website which can be directly edited using only a web browser, often by anyone with access to it.
> Just because someone *can* edit it doesn't mean they have the relevant subject matter knowledge necessary to do a proper job of it. Just because someone can competently follow instructions enough to tell that they are wrong doesn't mean that they know what is right. They may just be stuck.
Unfortunatly this Wiki doesn't support discussion; that's how I've 
worked on other Wiki's. The OP said "Many things are not right at all". 
How do you expect a Wiki to get corrected. Just screaming at it: "You 
contain errors" will not automagicly fix them :-D
> Unfortunately putting documentation in a wiki usually just has the effect of making nobody feel like they really own it. Then helpful, respectful folks such as yourself say to anyone who wants documentation, "LEARN THE CODE AND DOCUMENT IT YOURSELF! It's a WIKI!"
Who said anything about learning the code; I remember a recent post 
discussing errors in the general overview.
> Ignoring that of course the whole point of documentation is that it (hopefully) enables people to use software without having to read the source first...
So how will incorrect documentation help people? Again, if there is a 
mistake in the documentation either fix it or point to it to have it fixed.

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