[Dovecot] file permissions

Walt Shekrota wshekrota at penguinacity.org
Mon Mar 28 22:36:50 EEST 2011

Dovecot 1.2.12 maildir format using :LAYOUT=fs (my Mail dir came from KDE)

I can't remember the permissions of the /Mail/ directory because I haven't 
been concerned with it too much until now. I think they were user:user or 
user:mail. Now a new mail ends up 600 root:mail. (in alternate directories) 
When I start my mutt client to the imap server it gets an error for any folder 
containing a root:mail new mail file. 
I think the root ownership is a procmail side effect?
If I chmod 760 Mail/folder/* (then the new emails show in dovecot without the 
access error)
It appears mail comes to the INBOX fine just not individual folders

On the initial access, dovecot gets a "missing +r perm" or "+x" in the log.

1:  What permission structure should permeate my Mail dir?
2:  What might affect the incoming mail file getting wrong 

I'm thinking the later may be a procmail issue unless it is related to initial 
incorrect permissions?

Thanks for any insight.

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