[Dovecot] How can I view these email files?

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 09:49:57 EET 2011

I messed up my email today through a combination of stuff-ups with
procmail and dovecot. The result was that I ended up delivering some
email messages to the root Maildir folder instead of the sub-folders.
The files are in the correct format but have names like msg.3BXE,
msg.2BXE etc.

Of course these don't show up in my IMAP client so I can't read them.
Does anyone know a way I can point some sort of email client at these
to read them? Or a way to transfer them under Maildir/new so that I
can read them as part of my normal inbox? I know that some of them
have attachments.

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