[Dovecot] FTS Compound Search

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Mar 26 00:48:23 EET 2011

On Fri, 2011-03-25 at 14:05 -0700, duonut wrote:
> Hi
> I use roundcube as the webmail fronted to a dovecot server. It currently has
> squat enabled. When round cube performs a search, it does a compound search
> even if only one field is selected.
> >From another thread i read, dovecot in the v1 period did not support
> compound searches for squat.
> Does the latest version of V2 support compound searches with fts squat? 


> If not, does fts with solr support compound searches?

I think it does, but I'm not entirely sure.

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