[Dovecot] DoveCot 2.0.9: Problem with some Clients and separator (migrate from Cyrus)

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Mar 23 01:08:36 EET 2011

On 23.3.2011, at 0.52, Denny Schierz wrote:

> but, in TB:
> Drafts:
> Sent:
> Trash:
> INBOX/foobar
> I created only "foobar" in TB, the other ones are created automatically. If i subscribe folders, I see something like "INBOX^foobar"

Why is there even INBOX/ or INBOX^ prefix at all? Did you intentionally create it under INBOX, or do you have namespace prefix in TB settings set to INBOX/ or something?

People rarely use other separators than '.' and '/'. I guess it's possible that TB just doesn't like '^'. What TB version are you testing with?

Anyway, you could test that Dovecot does nothing wrong by talking IMAP protocol:

telnet localhost 143
a login user pass
b namespace
c list "" *
d lsub "" *

If the separators are all '^' there, then it's all ok from Dovecot's side.

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