[Dovecot] Problem with sieve and delivery to folders with german umlauts.

Uwe Jans Uwe.Jans at hs-bremen.de
Tue Mar 22 17:14:11 EET 2011


Am 19.01.2011 18:04, schrieb Micha Krause:
> Hi,
>>> I have a problem with sieve and german umlauts:
>>> error: msgid=unspecified: failed to store into mailbox 
>>> 'INBOX.t&AOQ-st' (INBOX.t&-AOQ-st): Mailbox doesn't exist: t&-AOQ-st.
>>> The folder name is "täst", the filesystem folder is ".t&AOQ-st" , 
>>> but sieve seems to look for a folder named ".t&-AOQ-st"
>>> Dovecot verstion is: 2.0.9 (7ecc5e10da57)
>> It looks like you're using mUTF-7 in Sieve, but it expects UTF-8 
>> folder names only. Use the following Sieve code to store data into 
>> your folder:
>> require "fileinto";
>> fileinto "INBOX.täst";
> You are right, utf-8 scripts work fine, I guess I have to fix my 
> Problem in avelsieve then.
Anything new? I have this problem also with squirrelmail and avelsieve.
> Micha Krause
Uwe Jans


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