[Dovecot] Errors logged from 2.0.11

Andreas Kossack Andreas.Kossack at TU-Cottbus.De
Mon Mar 21 10:19:36 EET 2011

Hi Timo, hi all,

>> "Mar 15 09:29:26 MailServ local3:err|error dovecot: imap(xxxx): Error: creat(/dovecot.mailbox.log) failed: Permission denied (euid=1985(xxxx) egid=219(yyyy) stat() failed: No such file or directory, euid is not dir owner)
> It's trying to open a file from root directory. Maybe that user's home
> directory is set to /?
No, HOME directories for those users are correct (from LDAP: "/home/xxx";
physical via softlink to "/srv/mail/xxx").

What time "dovecot.mailbox.log" should be created?
We use
   "mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir:CONTROL=~/Maildir:INDEX=MEMORY"
in "10-mail.conf".

	Mit freundlichen Grüßen
		A. Kossack

  Andreas Kossack                                 Andreas.Kossack at TU-Cottbus.De
  BTU Cottbus, Brandenburg, Germany,         Walther-Pauer-Str.2, 03046 Cottbus

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