[Dovecot] dovecot authentication Local + MySQL

PARTH MONGA kprprl at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 12:51:38 EET 2011

Hi Friends

I am facing an issue with dovecot configuration and i am describing it in a

We have a dovecot setup under ultramonkey load balancer  and in loadbalancer
we have a check defined for pop service which queries mysqldatabase for a
particular user name/password after every 2 minutes to check if service is
live or not..
Things are fine till here .
Now The catch is  if somehow that particular user info(either password or
username) is mistakenly changed in mysql database whole of my pop gets down
beacuse load balancer cant login  and that is a single point of failure in
my setup .

Now what i want is
I want to know if there is any method that i can setup in dovecot to lookup
for a user locally first and then go for a remote search for the user( ie in
mysql database)
So that we get the  user searched locally before querying the mysql
Local + mysql database authetication i want to be in parallel with each

Please show some light on this .

Thanks and Regards
Parth Monga

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