[Dovecot] dovecot proxy, imapproxy, perdition . . . or?

Lorens Kockum dovecot.fdop at tagged.lorens.org
Sat Mar 19 22:50:15 EET 2011


I have two load-balanced dovecot servers using a single NFS
mount. The version is 1.2.11. I chose this so that if one server
goes down the other will take up the load, and if my load is
too much for one server I just have to add more identical
servers. It works, but I wish to move to SAN storage because
the NFS server is exhibiting irregular performance. (I spent a
lot of time with tcpdump to check that it wasn't NFS locking
problems). Performance is very important to me, not in the sense
of many users but in the sense of quick response time, since the
main use is as a webmail backend.

That means that instead of load-balancing connections between
servers I will have to partition users between servers (all on
one to begin with) and direct users to the corresponding server.

I expected to use perdition, but when reading up on that I
found imapproxy, which could be interesting for performance
reasons, and also that dovecot has an included proxy, and
that its performance is better than perdition. However on
http://wiki.dovecot.org/HowTo/ImapProxy the feature "IMAP/POP3
server with proxy feature" is noted as "This model is still a
bit unfinished in current code."

Is this still true? There's also a general note that "This page
was written quite a long time ago and may not match reality
anymore" . . .

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