[Dovecot] maildir location

Patrick McLean patrick at cim.mcgill.ca
Thu Mar 17 23:20:43 EET 2011

On 17/03/11 12:19 PM, upen wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use dovecot (v. 2.0.11) and postfix (v. 2.7.3)
> together.  The email server is an ldap client and user's home
> directories on NFS server are mounted using autofs.
> As I understand, Maildir performance is better than mbox type, so I'd
> like to use Maildir instead of mbox.

If you expect to have any folders with lots of messages, I would use
mdbox rather than Maildir. NFS tends to have performance problems with
lots of small files, and Maildir uses one file per message, where mdbox
has a sort of compromise between lots of files and the huge files that
mbox creates.

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