[Dovecot] Problems with pam+ldap + quota

Stéphane Wartel swartel at zero-spam.fr
Thu Mar 17 09:26:53 EET 2011


Just take a look on pam_ldap for authentification of user against pam in LDAP Database so that your dovecot settings should only be based on Ldap attributes for both user and password.


Le 15 mars 2011 à 20:26, Antonio Perez-Aranda <aperezaranda at yaco.es> a écrit :

> Ok  I will try to use passdb with pam and userdb with ldap driver, although
> in another conf, this two fail together.
> El 15/03/2011 19:28, "Sven Hartge" <sven at svenhartge.de> escribió:
>> Antonio Perez-Aranda <aperezaranda at yaco.es> wrote:
>>> Yes I know and I have some nodes with dovecot+ldap
>>> But this node need to login with module pam_imap, because it's use a
>>> "closed" one time password system.
>>> I'm trying with something like this:
>>> userdb {
>>> driver = passwd
>>> args = uid=exim gid=exim quota=*:bytes=%$
>>> }
>>> But I need to put the nss attribute en %$ var or another.
>>> From my experience with PAM,NSS and LDAP I don't think it is possible to
>> achieve what you are trying to do.
>> Grüße,
>> Sven.
>> --
>> Sig lost. Core dumped.

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