[Dovecot] Virtual and system users with public mailboxes

Kendall Shaw kshaw at kendallshaw.com
Wed Mar 16 20:54:55 EET 2011


I am running dovecot 1.2.9 and postfix, and I am trying to setup a public mailbox. My thought is that there would be one system user with a sieve script to deliver messages to the public mailbox. And, I would like to give virtual users access to the mailbox.

On this list, I read how you can have both system and virtual users by using passdb and static userdbs. But, I don't understand how this can be combined with namespaces, where I specify the location.

For all virtual users I had:

mail_location = maildir:/var/somewhere/%u/maildir/

I think I need that for virtual users and:


for the system users.

namespace private {
  location = ? # how do I have the location be different for system and virtual users?
namespace public {
  location = ? # ditto (for the index)?


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