[Dovecot] questions/problems virtual plugin pop3 leave copies on the server for x days then delete

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Mar 16 19:18:30 EET 2011

On Sun, 2011-03-13 at 12:40 +0100, Robert Schetterer wrote:

> RealMails/
> RealMails/*
> -RealMails/Trash
> -RealMails/Trash/*
> -RealMails/Sent
> -RealMails/Sent/*
> -RealMails/Templates
> -RealMails/Templates/*
> -RealMails/Drafts
> -RealMails/Drafts/*
> -RealMails/Archives
> -RealMails/Archives/*
>  unseen
> that the mails stay in "new" folder of the maildir
> after i downloaded via pop3
> ( i am not sure is this expected ? , i would thought they get to cur   )

They get moved to cur/ when the \Recent flag gets cleared.

> thunderbird does not download this mails again ( good ), but it doesnt
> delete them from maildir new ever( bad ) , so the whole leave copy and
> delete after x days function pop3 is not working

What if that mailbox was an IMAP mailbox called "All mails" and user
opened it, should that clear the \Recent flags from all the mailboxes?
I'm not entirely sure what the right answer should be, but I'm thinking
probably no.. Especially since such mailbox is used by some webmails to
implement "search in all mailboxes".

So when should the \Recent flags be cleared with virtual mailboxes, and
when not? Is it simply "clear with POP3, don't clear with others"? Then
again others have wanted to create a virtual INBOX that shows full
threads, i.e. messages also from Sent mailbox. That basically acts like
an INBOX, so it should clear \Recent flags from INBOX.

Maybe this should be configurable. For example:


would keep \Recent flags in mailbox "b", but clear them from "a" and
"b/*". Hmmh. Yeah, I guess that's the right solution. See if this works:


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