[Dovecot] dovecot 1.2 quota with local users

iti at promax.media.pl iti at promax.media.pl
Wed Mar 16 12:38:07 EET 2011

I got problem with setting quota from mysql for local users. In database
are only information with quota. Password are store in passwd/shadow.

My database have only simple info like in wiki description. Table created

  username varchar(100) not null,
  bytes bigint not null default 0,
  messages integer not null default 0,
  primary key (username)

In dovecot.conf like in description is:

dict {
  quotadict = mysql:/etc/dovecot-dict-sql.conf

plugin {
  # v1.2 + SQL:
  quota = dict:user::proxy::quotadict
  # v1.2 + file:
  quota = dict:user::file:%h/Maildir/dovecot-quota

  quota_rule = *:storage=10M:messages=1000

File dovecot-dict-sql.conf has:

# v1.2+ only:
connect = host=localhost dbname=mails user=sqluser password=sqlpass
map {
  pattern = priv/quota/storage
  table = quota
  username_field = username
  value_field = bytes
map {
  pattern = priv/quota/messages
  table = quota
  username_field = username
  value_field = messages

With corrected values about databasename, user and password.

Where should to add information about sql query when autorization is not
via myqsl (only shadow/password).
There are in description info about additional file with user_query:
dovecot-mysql.conf. Can anybody know how it should it look like and where
to add it in config?

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