[Dovecot] warnings from 2.0.11

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Mar 15 03:55:25 EET 2011

On 15.3.2011, at 2.44, Mike Abbott wrote:

>> Well, saving a copy of dovecot-uidlist file would be useful in such situation.
> I added your patch to preserve dovecot-uidlist when reporting duplicate uids.  Here are two examples with uidlist files attached.
> Mar 14 17:59:39 server dovecot[6698]: imap(pid 80181 user user272): Warning: /Volumes/Mail/user272/dovecot-uidlist: Duplicate file entry at line 110: 1300128056.M669920P7588.server.home.domain,S=970,W=993 (uid 93 -> 193)
> Mar 14 18:41:41 server dovecot[6698]: imap(pid 80095 user user165): Warning: /Volumes/Mail/user165/dovecot-uidlist: Duplicate file entry at line 397: 1300132484.M237861P14283.server.home.domain,S=10873,W=11071 (uid 77 -> 409)

Hmm. Each uidlist has:

1. entry with filename X
2. entry with a different filename but with GUID X (=message was copied elsewhere and back)
3. entry once again with a filename X

So .. I guess this has to do with copying the same message back and forth, possibly expunging it in the middle. I'll try to reproduce tomorrow.

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