[Dovecot] Duplicate suppression

Andreas Ntaflos daff at dword.org
Tue Mar 15 03:03:53 EET 2011

On Monday 14 March 2011 19:06:57 Thiago Henrique wrote:
> Hello,
> In a Dovecot 2.0.6 server I have an account x at domain and an alias
> y at domain -> x at domain.
> When I send an email to x at domain with carbon copy to y at domain, X
> receives two messages on mailbox. Dovecot2 has any feature of
> duplicate suppression ?
> Thanks,
> Thiago Henrique

Robert is very probably right. Misconfiguring Postfix's content filter 
capabilities can lead to message duplication when expanding aliases. 
This is also Postfix problem and unrelated to Dovecot. Have a look at 
this thread:


Also study the Postfix filter readme at 


to understand why it works they way it does.

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