[Dovecot] LDA, postfix and multiple virtual users : postfix is still the MDA

Antoine Souques corum at via.ecp.fr
Mon Mar 14 19:12:58 EET 2011

Le 14/03/2011 16:34, Jerry a écrit :
> On Mon, 14 Mar 2011 14:08:06 +0100
> Tom Hendrikx<tom at whyscream.net>  articulated:
>> Your postfix rewites the recipient domain to "squeeze.test.ecp.fr",
>> which is no virtual domain (it is $myhostname). You enabled dovecot
>> only for virtual domains. You probably don't want to rewrite the
>> domain.
>> Note that this is a postfix config issue, not a dovecot issue.
> Please review:<http://www.postfix.com/VIRTUAL_README.html>. You have
> your configuration all wrong. Also, posting on the Postfix forum would
> probably prove more advantageous. Be sure to review
> <http://www.postfix.com/DEBUG_README.html>, specifically:
> Reporting problems to postfix-users at postfix.org
> Output from "postconf -n". Please do not send your main.cf file, or
> 500+ lines of postconf output.
> Better, provide output from the postfinger tool. This can be found at
> http://ftp.wl0.org/SOURCES/postfinger.
> If the problem is SASL related, consider including the output from the
> saslfinger tool. This can be found at
> http://postfix.state-of-mind.de/patrick.koetter/saslfinger/.

Thank you both, I have fixed my problem

Antoine Souques

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