[Dovecot] warnings from 2.0.11

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Mar 10 23:56:36 EET 2011

On 10.3.2011, at 23.49, Mike Abbott wrote:

>> What kind of a test are you doing that causes these warnings?
> A stress test which manipulates messages via IMAP fetch, copy, search, append, store flags, expunge, etc. and also sends mail via SMTP.  I'll try to narrow down if there's a specific command which triggers it, or if dovecot-lda does, or what.  Meanwhile I would welcome your educated guesses as to where to look.

Well, saving a copy of dovecot-uidlist file would be useful in such situation. Maybe it shows something interesting about what's causing it. Or even better would be to save a copy of it after each change and seeing where it goes wrong.

Also interesting would be to see if it makes a difference that uidlist is always rewritten rather than appended to.

Attached patch does both.

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