[Dovecot] Dsync & random delete problem

Antoine Millet antoine at inaps.org
Wed Mar 9 23:50:11 EET 2011


I've updated my home mail server with dovecot 2.0.11 with idea of using
dsync to synchronize two master servers (one at home behind an ADSL
connection, and another in a DC with a gigabit connection). Dsync is
launched every minutes by a cron job for each hosted mailboxes (in
Maildir format). Obviously, a lock prevents to launch more than one
dsync process at time.

On a test mailbox, it worked perfectly, but when I decided to use it on
my own mailbox: big drama :-).

Some trashed messages reappear after the next sync, by dint of
insisting, sometime it are duplicated. Occasionally, the
synchronization has the desired effect, but messages reappear few hours

So, my questions are:

 * Dsync is it supposed to be used to synchronize two mailboxes on
 * Are these problems known? I've found one thread about a random delete
   problem, so it seem to be? Do you need more informations to debug it?

My informations:

 * Dovecot version: 2.0.11
 * Distro: Debian Squeeze amd64
 * FS: ext4
 * Mailbox format: Maildir
 * Dsync command: "dsync -u {account} mirror ssh
   -i /var/vmail/sync/id_vmail -C {dest} dsync -u {account}"
 * Bug happen randomly, I haven't found a way to reproduce it.
 * Dovecot configuration: A part in particular is interesting?

Thanks in advance,
Antoine Millet
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