[Dovecot] warnings from 2.0.11

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Mar 9 20:21:13 EET 2011

On 8.3.2011, at 21.54, Mike Abbott wrote:

> During a stress test dovecot-2.0.11 logs many warnings:
> Mar  8 06:19:52 gromit dovecot[59204]: imap(pid 68864 user user15): Warning: /Volumes/Mail/user15/dovecot-uidlist: Duplicate file entry at line 183: 1299556557.M571530P31883.gromit.example.com,S=21175,W=21549 (uid 67 -> 250)

Didn't you get these with v1.x too before? I don't think the Maildir code has changed much since v1.2.

> Is there anything I need to reconfigure to prevent these?  Thanks.

They just shouldn't be happening. Can you easily reproduce this by running imaptest against a single user?

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