[Dovecot] dbox vs. mdbox

Douglas Mortensen doug at impalanetworks.com
Fri Mar 4 23:05:42 EET 2011

Thanks for the input Ed. The evening before you sent the message, I actually had decided to do just what you recommended (stick with what we know). We have since put the server into production, and things are working well. We built to a physical box, rather than a VM. I do like xen VMs myself. We didn't do the proxy, but I appreciate the tip.

I actually read the wiki before posting.

I guess to get more specific, some of the questions I have regarding dbox vs. mdbox are:

1. What is the advantage to using multiple files?
2. What is the advantage to using a single sdbox file for each user?
3. Is this a binary format, or txt (UTF?)?
4. Are there real-world benchmarks showing measurable differences between maildir, sdbox, mdbox?
5. Are sdbox & mdbox equally stable to Maildir? Are they recommended for production systems?

This is the kind of info that I'm after. I didn't really see that in the wiki. In the wiki, I only saw that the different formats exist, and basics on how they work.

Any feedback here would be appreciated.

Doug Mortensen
Network Consultant
Impala Networks
P: 505.327.7300

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