[Dovecot] sieve issue

Informatik.hu info at informatik.hu
Tue Mar 1 19:42:28 EET 2011

Hi All!

I have got some problem with dovecot sieve. (from Debian Squeeze packages).

I have already installed dovecot and postfix with mysql(postfix admin) 
virtual domains and users, configured dovecot deliver for delivery 
method in postfix.
Dovecot sieve IS working, reads the global script, BUT it DOES NOT reads 
the user scripts from the users virtual home directory.

If  i place ".dovecot.sieve" in /home/vmail, and configure sieve for 
this location, it reads the script.
If i put the file under /home/vmail/domain.com (/home/vmail/%d) or 
/home/vmail/domain.com/user at domain.com (/home/vmail/%d/%u)
the sieve plugin does not read(compile) the script.  Deliver log 
contains that the incoming mail (which has to be filtered) saved to 
INBOX, and there is no
error in the deliver error log, nor dovecot logs.

Can anybody help me out what am i doing wrong?


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