[Dovecot] 1.0.15 -> 2.x upgrade for mass hosting environment

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Tue Mar 1 18:57:13 EET 2011

Quoting Ed W <lists at wildgooses.com>:
> Hi, don't have an installation of anything approaching your size.
> However, I do regularly see folks missing out on the idea that its
> reasonably straightforward to have both Dovecot (old) and Dovecot (new)
> versions running at the same time and migrate users over slowly rather
> than in a big bang?

Yeah, we're actually now thinking that we should create a new cluster  
running dovecot 2.0, mount the existing control/maildir files from the  
current shared storage and then regenerate the indices before going  
live - would that work here? I'm struggling to find anything in the  
docs that state the control files will be affected by the upgrade.

> Personally my own experience was that changing from v1 to v2 was a
> fairly unexciting upgrade (as the admin) other than the obvious (large)
> change in configuration required.

That's good to know... :)

> Oh, one feature of Dovecot 2 which isn't on by default, but I have
> found very interesting is the "COMPRESS" IMAP feature.  You need to
> enable a few config changes, but after that many clients can talk over
> a gzip'd tunnel, which in my testing leads to a decent reduction in
> bandwidth.  It's especially nice for mobile use (eg Profimail on Nokia
> S60)

sounds v. cool... :D



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