[Dovecot] Dovecot+Postfix+Mysql+quotas doesn't work

drum.lucas at gmail.com drum.lucas at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 14:41:46 EET 2011

Thank's Ben.

My dovecot-sql.conf :

user_query = SELECT '/var/vmail/%d/%n' as home, 'maildir:/var/vmail/%d/%n'
as mail, 150 AS uid, 12 AS gid, CONCAT('dirsize:storage=', ROUND(
mailbox.quota / 1024 ) ) AS quota FROM mailbox WHERE username = '%u' AND
active = '1'

So, I changed to:
user_query = SELECT '/var/vmail/%d/%n' as home, 'maildir:/var/vmail/%d/%n'
as mail, 150 AS uid, 12 AS gid, CONCAT('*:bytes=', quota) AS quota_rule,
'INBOX.Trash:ignore' AS quota_rule2, 'INBOX.Spam:ignore' AS quota_rule3,
'INBOX.Virus:ignore' AS quota_rule4, FROM mailbox WHERE username = '%u' AND
active = '1'

Are you agree?

Thank's again

2011/2/28 <ben at electricembers.net>

>  In my webmail, he informs me that I'm using the percentage of quota. But I
>>> can't make the TRASH folder is ignored. That is, I can't put a higher
>>> limit on it than the others.
>>> Am I doing something wrong?
> We use something like this in our "user_query" SQL, which overrides the
> rules put in config file(s):
>  concat('*:bytes=', quota) AS quota_rule, 'INBOX.Trash:ignore' AS
> quota_rule2, 'INBOX.Spam:ignore' AS quota_rule3, 'INBOX.Virus:ignore' AS
> quota_rule4,
> But we run version 2.0.9 - quota stuff changed a bit from 1 to 2.
> (I think I had to add the "INBOX." part.)
>  Another thing. I'm not receiving message of quota exceeded. This is with
>>> the MTA or dovecot?
> That is another thing. Likely a bit different in Dovecot 2 now, but in any
> version, only the LDA knows when the theshold is being crossed @ deliver
> time. Dovecot's LDA can be configured to execute a script which must do the
> actual delivering of the warning message. Example script given in
> documentation is working for us.




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