[Dovecot] thunderbird and subscriptions with sieve

Kristen J. Webb kwebb at teradactyl.com
Wed Aug 31 23:48:54 EEST 2011

Hi All,
I'm a newbie trying to move mail out of my ISP onto a ubuntu (lucid) dovecot 
1.2.9 server.

Is there any way to automatically add folders created by sieve
(GNU Mailutils 2.1) to the subscriptions file for a user?

I'm currently testing spam, and if sieve created the folder with the first
message, the thunderbird user does not see the new folder.
Even more interesting, if the user then tries to create the Spam directory
it thunderbird seems to quietly ignore the request and the user still
cannot see the folder, but I digress...

I can manually subscribe with thunderbird, but this won't scale for more
complex sieve later by making the user responsible for finding everything.

I can turn off subscription view in advanced settings on thunderbird,
but we are trying to wean ourselves of of individual mail clients
and I don't want to have to test this everywhere.

Many thanks in advance!
Mr. Kristen J. Webb
Teradactyl LLC.

PHONE: 1-505-242-1091
EMAIL: kwebb at teradactyl.com
VISIT: http://www.teradactyl.com

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